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Yogyakarta starting point is to start exploring other great spots, and even for business travels. Yogyakarta is the highlight for tourists to visit and explore. Most travelers start exploring the island, even the country from Yogyakarta, continued driving overland or flying to East Java province to explore amazing places of Bromo & Ijen Craters, and other great natural and archaeological sites.

JavaConnections will make sure the team to organize journeys to Yogyakarta (and nearby surroundings) which have both a business and a cultural components. The purpose of these visits is to paint a detailed and clear picture about business and investment opportunities in Indonesia, especially in Yogyakarta through attending presentations given by Indonesian companies and informative meetings with the staff of Indonesia Investments. Moreover – in line with the philosophy of Indonesia Investments – ample attention will also be given to the cultural side of Indonesia by visiting museums, historical and archaeological sites and other interesting places. These visits (including accommodations, travels, meetings and sightseeing) are fully prepared* and arranged by JavaConnections in order to ensure our clients a relaxing, enjoyable and – most importantly – an accurate information and effectiveness. 

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