July 11, 2019


Java Connections under the legal company PT JAWA PILLAR DUNIA (51/VII/NOT/YK/2019) was established in 2019 by a team and experts who will lead your business developed. Here is our Profiles:

  • President Commissioner: Mr Roby Kusumaharta, is an expert who has strategic positions in: KADIN (Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry) , APINDO (Indonesian Business Association), API (Indonesian Textile Association), FKJP (Trainee & Education Forum)`
  • Commissioner: KRMT Indro Kimpling Suseno, is an entrepreneur and Mentor who contributes Yogyakarta in this decade. 
  • Business Adviser: Mr Hery Dendy, is business counselor of the Governor of Yogyakarta (The Sultan), a culture expert as well an entrepreneurship.
  • President Director: Mr Bambang Edy Kuncoro, is a local expert in tourism and hospitality industry who own JavaBaliTrips company, manages guest houses and established an association Tourism Driver (ASDRIPA).
  • Director of Operations: Mr Daniel Septa GB, SE. An independent entrepreneur who deals with property and housing development.
  • Director of Business Strategy and Development: Mr AriVito Sidharta, is the best marketing chosen by international companies award 2016. He dedicated to an International firm "Arnott" and become a business adviser to some domestic companies in sales & marketing field.
  • Director of Finance: Mrs Nining Wahyuningrum SE. MM, is an expertise in a financial control giving a high rate to some companies.
  • TeamWork: supported by talented skillful youths in their fields. eng. Deny (mr), eng. Rauf (mr), Webmaster Ega (ms), Graphics & Design Ivan (mr), Programmer Saiful (mr), Hospitality chief Ardi (mr).

Our Experts & Projects