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Java Coffee

Java Coffee or Java Koffie or Kopi Jawa is the most popular coffee in the world for the distinctive taste and flavor. Java or Jawa is one island among the biggest 5 islands in Indonesia where coffee, rubber, chocolate, rice and crops are planted perfectly. Java island seems to be the most fertile island among other thousands islands in Indonesia. The tropical climate merges with volcanoes create the lush and green landscape. Coffee becomes a favorite business to support the national economic, and Java Connection becomes a consultant for the locals coffee development..

Both types of Arabica and Robusta can be planted easily in Java island. The mountainous landscape is a perfect soil to plant. Each area will produce different taste and flavor. JavaKoffie company has distinctive ones, grown by locals at the foot of Sindoro volcano, some planted at a valley between Sindoro and Sumbing volcanoes, what a perfect spot!

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Coffee is the most popular drink in the world leads some countries plant and produce it seriously to get a maximum results. In 2016, world production of green coffee beans was 9.2 million tonnes, led by Brazil with 33% of the total (table). Vietnam, Colombia, and Indonesia were other major producers.Indonesia is the third-largest coffee exporter overall and the largest producer of washed Arabica coffee. Organic Honduran coffee is a rapidly growing emerging commodity owing to the Honduran climate and rich soil.

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