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Yogyakarta Hotels Partners

JavaConnections has selected Hotels Partners in Yogyakarta and other tourist areas in Java and Bali islands. Here is the list of Yogyakarta Hotels Partners we recommend: 1. Royal Ambarrukmo Hotel 2. Hotel Tentrem 3. Hotel Hyatt Regency 4. Hotel Marriot Yogyakarta 5. Hotel Grand Mercure Yogyakarta 6. Hotel Phoenix Heritage Yogyakarta 7. Hotel Eastparc Yogyakarta 8. Hotel Harper Malioboro 9. Hotel Grand Zuri Malioboro 10.Hotel Ibis Malioboro 11.Hotel Novotel 12.Hotel KJ 13.Hotel Gallery Prawirotaman 14.Hotel

Borobudur News

Borobudur News will give you update information about Borobudur temple’s area. As we know that Borobudur temple is the most visited tourist object in Java island. Many travelers explore Java and Bali island, and beyond starting from Borobudur temple’s area. No wonder if the area has been developing time to time in the Tourism industry. There are three Resorts lying in the area, and one of them is an international chain company. Amanjiwo Resort (Aman

Kalimantan to a new Capital of Indonesia?

National Development Planning Minister Bambang Brodjonegoro said the President, who previously toured provinces in Kalimantan to survey possible locations for new capital, decided to move the country’s administrative headquarters to the resource-rich region. “[The new capital] will be in Kalimantan. The province will be announced later,” Bambang said as quoted by Kalimantan or Borneo is one of the biggest islands in Indonesia which is more stable from an earthquake and a huge area to

Indonesia Travel and Tourism Industry

Indonesia Travel and Tourism industry faces some facts which are getting solved through the decades. Tourism Industry becomes the favorite business in Indonesia. It supports the Indonesian economy which reaches a significant revenue. Indonesia is an archipelago country of 17,508 islands, 6,000 of them being inhabited, the second longest shoreline in the world (54,716 km) after Canada. It is the worlds largest and most populous country situated only on islands. The beaches in Bali, diving

Visit Indonesia

“Visit Indonesia Year” becomes the slogan as well the vision for the Indonesian Government through the years. There more than ten million foreign tourists visit Indonesia each year to enjoy the country’s rich culture and natural heritage, beaches, tropical forests full of wildlife, diverse cultural traditions, culinary specialties, and bustling cities. Tourism industry drives and even activate all sections and sectors, creating ideas and making money and trading among the locals and international people. Tourism

Yogyakarta starting point

Yogyakarta starting point is to start exploring other great spots, and even for business travels. Yogyakarta is the highlight for tourists to visit and explore. Most travelers start exploring the island, even the country from Yogyakarta, continued driving overland or flying to East Java province to explore amazing places of Bromo & Ijen Craters, and other great natural and archaeological sites. JavaConnections will make sure the team to organize journeys to Yogyakarta (and nearby surroundings)

Foreign Investment

Foreign investment in Indonesia can be a critical situation for a beginner or newcomers in Indonesia who lack profound experience with the country and do not have useful contacts or a network to rely on. According to the World Bank’s Doing Business Index, Indonesia is the ‘underdog’ business country which is not a business-friendly country for cultural behaviors and bureaucracy system. JavaConnections under PT Jawa Pilar Dunia will take a challenge of this matter, giving

Yogyakarta Airport Project

Yogyakarta Airport Project is about to finalize and operate, welcoming International Airline companies with thousands passengers weekly. This great project will boost the tourism industry and create a connectivity to and from Yogyakarta. New Yogyakarta International Airport (NYIA) is a new hope for Yogyakarta and surrounding area to welcoming and answering the need of connectivity, also the high interest to reach Yogyakarta directly from overseas Airport. Java Connections will take a part in this imortant